Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EDM 118-Hair...and Harold!

I just finished reading the book Harold!, which is a collection of the photographs of the late Mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington, along with a narrative describing his political career. I was in grade school when Mayor Washington was in office, so prior to reading this, I didn't know too much about his tenure. The story of his career is incredibly interesting, and unfortunately, too short. He died of a heart attack in office at the beginning of his second term. The photographs in the book are amazing, and really capture the essence of his career. I was lucky enough to also see them on display downtown.

The drawing above is from one of the photos in the book. Mayor Washington is not as easily recognizable with his eyes closed like this, but I loved how happy he appeared in this photo. I haven't drawn a portrait in a while, but I recently started teaching an adult portrait drawing class, so I figured I better have some recent examples to back up my lessons with. I really enjoyed this drawing-the subject matter and the time spent working on it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

EDM 162-Breakfast!

(Click to enlarge)

This is a bit of a departure for me, but it was fun.

I might reserve this particular sketchbook only for this type of drawing. An illustrated journal, if you will. Although I'd like to add a little more detail in terms of the drawings. And I don't even eat bagels that often. I'm still at a bit of a loss for breakfast.

EDM 10-a hand

My grandmother's hand, with her multitude of bracelets and tubes. She's been hospitalized longer than I even knew it was possible to be hospitalized. Since the first of the year, approximately. She's missed winter, and is now missing spring. Hopefully, she'll be home soon.

Drawn in a Moleskine, and notes on the reverse of page are visible.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

EDM 146

The owner of the bakery in my neighborhood is pretty generous. She's let me display student work there, let me photograph her merchandise, and even gives away her day-old donuts instead of throwing them in the garbage. Above is one of those donuts, of the plain cake variety, with two little dabs of chocolate. By the time I got around to drawing it, the donut was stale, so I didn't eat it. Time doesn't change the smell of a donut though, and smelled just as tasty as the day in came out of the oven.

I used a combination of Prismacolors and a Derwent Aquatone pencil on the donut. I have no experience with the Aquatones, but I think I might be a convert after this.

EDM 34-A fall leaf

These are both from the fall, I just never scanned them.

Gingko leaves and some tree fungus that is common in this area.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

EDM 108-Revisited

Just something quick. Two bulbs, one in mechanical pencil, and the same one with color added later in Micron pen. Drawn during a meeting. The colorful one is wrinkly because it was rained on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

EDM 32-Something metallic

This is a shoe bell I purchased for Sean (now 3) when he first began to walk. You're supposed to jam the laces of the shoe inside this contraption, and then close it up. By doing this, you'll not only keep the baby from untying their shoelaces, you'll also be able to keep track of them since the bell will jingle as they walk.

This little gadget never really got a fair chance to do its' job, since the intended wearer would never hold still in order for me to fit it on to the shoe. After a lot of struggling and maybe a few words that were not suitable for young ears, I gave up.

It was interesting to draw, though.

Friday, April 4, 2008

EDM 4-Drinks, drinks, drinks

A coffee mug, a little beer mug, and a glass of pop (or soda, to those not from the midwest.) Hydration of all types!

PS-That's spicy cheese sauce at the bottom. Delicious and bad for you-a winning combination!