Monday, May 12, 2008

Curly Fries

Shortly after I wrote the post below, I realized I had misplaced (or lost?) the Canford paper I had mentioned. I spent the weekend looking under furniture, inside books, in the trunk of the car...anywhere it may have slipped away to. No luck. I know I have other types of paper I could draw on, but I really want that Canford paper. I am willing it to return to me safely.

In the mean time, a quick one with Pitt pens and Micron.

Friday, May 9, 2008

EDM 117-Something Round

I am in love with these Pitt Pens. Do I need more art supplies in my life? Absolutely not. Did that stop me from buying three more colors this week? Absolutely not. I am DONE (for now). I swear!

You know what else I really like? This Canford paper, which is cardstock, I guess. The colors, the texture, the way it takes pencil and pen, everything. I also bought three (four?) more sheets of this.
Here is a photo of my collection, which I swear is not going to grow any more for a while.

And I am still working on my Every Day in May challenge, but things are moving slooooooowly. The progress is not worth sharing at this point. It seems to be an exceptionally busy time right now, but I am hoping everything will slow down soon, and I will get some quality time in with this project.

Monday, May 5, 2008


A quick drawing of my little lady, although there are some slight differences that are throwing me off a bit.

As for my Every Day in May architectural drawings, I'm moving slowly. This weekend was sort of a bust, art-wise. And just in general, actually. But I'm back in the saddle and looking forward to some quality time with my Pitt Pens and Moleskine today.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Every Day in May

Last year, Every Day in May is what got me back on track in terms of creating artwork again after a super-extended break while I was teaching full time. Even though I was full of ideas and would have loved to execute them, I could never find the time to actually commit to anything large (or small, for that matter) art-wise. I missed drawing and painting so much, but somehow it seemed that teaching and all the work that surrounded it always came first. And then, three years ago, I had my first baby, and suddenly I had all sorts of time on my hands.

Okay, that part is a joke. I still don't have a lot of "extra" time. However, teaching part-time and having two kids who nap has made it a little easier to fit in my own artwork. I love it, and while I still don't feel as though I've found my "niche," so to speak, I am enjoying myself, and proud of what I have done so far.

I have been looking forward to Every Day in May again this year, as a chance to do some concentrated work, as I have felt a little foggy lately, and in need of some direction. Last year I just drew or painted every day, with no specific subject requirements. This year, I am committing myself to doing architectural drawings in my new watercolor Moleskine. I love architecture, and it seems as though I come across so many beautiful buildings and details right here in my own neighborhood. Therefore, my area of concentration is going to be the south side of Chicago. I'd like to work from observation whenever possible, but I'm sure I'll have to use photo references (my own photos only) on occasion.

Here's the beginnings of my first drawing, which is actually a whole page in the Moleskine. This is an excerpt. It's going to be a gift for someone...provided it does not take a tragic turn at some point before completion.