Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mug stacks

Mugs, mugs, and a few more mugs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hospital jumble

A few weeks ago, my Granny and I were talking, and she was remembering how beautiful the tulips at the hospital were last spring. She was hospitalized for five months last year, winter through spring, and was able to see the tulips from the window in her room. I joked with her that if she wanted to see the tulips again this year, I would drive her over to the hospital, but she didn't need to go to the extreme of getting hospitalized to enjoy those flowers.

Four days ago, I checked her in to the hospital again, for dehydration and a virus she was fighting. We were all scared that what happened last year would happen again this year, and she'd be in there for an indefinite amount of time. Last night, my mom called and said my Granny is getting out of the hospital-today!

The bad news is, it snowed pretty heavily the day after she arrived at the hospital. I'm not sure how the tulips fared. The good news is, she's going home!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ode to a Jetta

Last week, we sold our '02 VW Jetta at Carmax. We'd decided to become a one-car family for the time being, and of our two cars, the Jetta was chosen to be sold. This is the chair that was facing me as I waited for the cashier at Carmax to issue my check.

The Jetta was the first new car I purchased after college, and although it served us well, I never really fell in love with it like I thought I would. It was fine, but the two of us never connected. My very first car ever was a,'85 Audi 5000, which I purchased used when I learned to drive in '94. Now that was a car I loved. It broke down and had to be towed the first time I drove it, shuddered and started smoking on another trip, and even had a bees' nest in the doorjamb when I first brought it home, but for all the trouble it gave me, that car and I always had a solid relationship.

I thought I might take a few pictures of the Jetta, or even do a quick sketch of it before we sold it, but I never got around to it. That shows how uninterested I had become in that car, I guess. At one point, Dan was working odd hours, and we needed to be a two-car family. Now, he works 9-5, and takes public transportation. The Jetta spent most of its' time sitting on the street, while the kids and I drove in our other car, which is still a sedan, but has more legroom and is a lot more stylish. Seeing the Jetta sitting there on the street just stressed us out, and it was beginning to need expensive repairs that we couldn't justify since we didn't drive it, and didn't particularly like it.

Last Friday, we went to Carmax with a price in mind that we were willing to part with the car for. They offered us significantly more than that price. Dan and I jumped at the offer and didn't look back. Poor Jetta. Hopefully someone else will love it like I never did.